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    1) Minecraft username: Sqick
    2) Discord username: Sqick#0663
    3) Timezone / Country: United states
    4) Age: 16
    5) What languages do you know: English
    6) How active can you be on TheMcZone
    Monday: 2-3 Hours
    Tuesday: 5-7 Hours
    Wednesday: 3-9 Hours
    Thursday: 5-7 Hours
    Friday: 1-8 Hours
    Saturday: (Unlimited)
    Sunday: (Unlimited)
    7) What's your current playtime on the server? (Use /playtime get <username> to find out) You must have at least 5 hours playtime to apply: 22Min but ive been playing for a While my Playtime prob got Reseted
    8) Do you have any previous experience? If so, list it here: [VelenHQ] (Proof: )
    9) Why should be choose you over someone else?: I would like to become staff because I really enjoy playing TheMcZone and I have really been looking for a server to get back on my feet and any chance I get to improve and become a better staff member is always good for me and the server, the more responsibility I get to put on me, the better I can be as a person and a staff member. It's always good to act mature when needed and professional in situations that require it and I feel like I can give that to the server and all the players. My teamwork and maturity will shine when I am given to chance to show it. I have been playing HCF for over 5 years now and I have experienced the following: Block-glitches, Hackers, Toxicity, Racism, Sexism, and Homophobia. I must see this all on the network and I know all staff has a life outside the server so they can't be on 24/7 surveillance on the server. A lot of the time, there is not much staff online and I will be that extra that will make that number got from zero to one and help most people that are online when most staff are offline. i also want become staff because I believe I can help the server in many ways. I am very into helping servers out especially ones I really like to play. I also want to become staff because, I have met some of the staff team and I feel I will be able to help out and at the same time have a good time with the staff members. Being staff to me doesn't mean fool around. I like to become staff to interact with people, help the server out, and overall make the server a better place to play on. Most people who play servers like to hack. That's why I want to help. I hate seeing people hack and I always make sure I give them the appropriate punishment for their actions. Lastly, I want to become staff because I want to learn how to help manage a server. Although I was staff on other servers with different game modes, I was never staff on a server with this many opportunities.

    Also here are scenarios of mine:

    Scenario 1.

    if i see a player using exploit / glitch i first need proof of evidence of that player was doing an illegal action thats against the rules by recording it so i can show proof of evidence of that player was doing something that he's not suppose to do and send proof of evidence to a Higher staff.

    Scenario 2.

    A player messages you telling you about a hacker, you can't see the "hacker" using any hacks. What do you do?

    I would ask the player who reported the suspect to specify what hacks the suspect was using. I would continue to watch the "hacker" until I come to a decision of either banning the hacker after getting proof of them hacking, asking the player to file a report on the forums or if necessary contact another staff member of a higher position for clarification.

    Scenario 3.

    A new player has just joined the server and is spamming different questions, what do you do?

    I would tell the new player to read the rules of the server as well as politely telling them to stop the spam. I would also try my best to answer all their questions and help guide them through the server. If they continue to spam after the first (or second) warning I will use the appropriate punishment for spamming.

    Scenario 4.

    if a another of the staff member takes advantage of there powers by abusing what would you do.

    First i would gather enough evidence of that staff member abusing there power by recording it. and if not other higher staff member is online ill make sure that i send it to the higher staff member on discord / TS the evidence of that staff member was abusing there will.

    Scenario 5.

    If a player is planning on to Dox / Ddos Threat to the server what would you do.

    i need some sort of evidence of that player said that by taking the screenshot of that chat he said and send it to a former higher staff manager and punish the player who's "Threatening" to Dox / Ddos the network even if its a joke witch is not something to joke about i still have to punish them with proof on top of that.

    Scenario 6.

    if you see your best friend breaking so many rules that he must follow what would you do.

    first i would recording what illegal action he's not suppose to do and then warn him the first time and if he keeps doing it the second time i would mute him for 15 min and if he starts to cause deaths wish on other player of the server i would mute him for 1 day. even tho he's my friend i still have to follow protocol of being a staff member.

    ++And list reasons why im a fit for this staff team.++

    I find it very easy to communicate to people in chilled out environments and because how dedicated I am frequent players will start to get used to me and I wont feel so nervous around them. I am very good at solving situations on multiple platforms, these include In-Game, Discord, TeamSpeak and Forums.


    I am a very mature and kind-hearted person; I can handle most situations with maturity and will always stay professional to players and staff. Over my life I have been in lots of situations that could be easily resolved with a mature soul in the group and I have learned that it’s a lot easier to solve issues if you do it calmly and professionally, arguing with people will get you nowhere and will most likely cause you to deem unworthy of the position of a staff member.


    Being professional is a vital part of being a staff member, you must be professional to get places in life and you must be professional to help a player out in any situation. If you are not professional, you will never get anywhere with a player in support because you will just be constantly going back and forward on the same thing when I simple issue could be resolved with a little bit of maturity and professionalism. I am very professional no matter how bad or how little the situation is, every situation is equal in their own ways and will never be deemed unimportant because every little issue might turn into a bigger issue in the future.

    10) Anything else we should know: Nope
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    You do not have the required play time hours to even apply for staff to begin with, that alone should exclude you from being even considered.
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    Agian my Playtime got Reseted FYI

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