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    Mar 13, 2019
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    1. Your in game name: XxAssassinTomxX (Yeah Yeah, You Can Judge it Truly...)
    2. Discord username: Wincrodina#6830
    3. Age (any age is fine): 16
    4. Timezone / Country: Well, I'm in Trip In Brazil... So, I Don't know the EXACT Timezone... Like, It's Now........... 20 PM.
    5. How long have you been playing on TheMcZone: Well, Never Played it, But,
    6. How many hours a day can you contribute to TheMcZone? Well, Everyday... Like In "Mornings" = Probably Some 3 A.M, And... "Evening" Like This Time...
    7. Do you have any previous experience with being staff on a server: Yes, I do... A Skyblock Server, That... Ended.
    8. Do you have a donator rank: Well, I Don't Payed For the V.I.P, So... It's Not Considerate a Donation.
    9. Why should we choose you as staff over anyone else: Well, I Was Interested Into The Idea of the Server, See That It's Accepting Applications... And I Think: "Well, Why Not? I Already was a Server Admin These Days... Why Don't Try again?" And Now I'm Here, Just to Try To help The Server a Little Bit.
    10. Any other information you think we should know: Well, I'm A Furry... Yea... A Furry... I Don't like too much when people says: "Eek, A Furry! It Need's To die!" Honestly, I Don't Like That Type of People...
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    Your staff application has been read :)

    Your application is good and we're happy that you've taken the time to apply. So, what happens now? This is a general message to say that we are considering you for helper - and hopefully you'll be selected soon.

    We're currently monitoring a few things about you:
    • How active you are
    • What times of the day you play
    • How friendly you are
    • How much you help players
    • How welcoming you are to new players
    • How much we believe you can help the server
    To maximise your chances of getting staff, we recommend you do these things as best as you can.

    Good Luck!
    - Plain

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