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    -Mod application-
    1. Your in game name:InFamousApex
    2. Discord username:Apex#9554
    3. Age (any age is fine):13
    4. Timezone / Country:est/usa
    5. How long have you been playing on TheMcZone:! day but ive played on a server for a year called fantasy clound
    6. How many hours a day can you contribute to TheMcZone? Please list every day Monday -> Sunday:Monday-thursay 5:30-10:00 and the week ends whenever i wake up to whenever i go to bed.
    7. Do you have any previous experience with being staff on a server:Yes on paradise,nitro pvp
    8. Do you have a donator rank:No but i have Vip
    9. Why should we choose you as staff over anyone else: I believe I would do a good job as a Helper since I have always been a keen worker and am motivated by my passion for the game, and also for interacting with other people all around the globe. I enjoy serving players and, I believe that I am able to apply my skill set to particular situations while achieving complete player satisfaction and enjoyment.
    10. Any other information you think we should know: My name is braeden but you can call me Apex

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