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    1. Your in game name:IceManCMV11
    2. Discord username:iceman132#6907
    3. Age (any age is fine):15 Years old
    4. Timezone / Country: USA, Eastern Standard Time
    5. How long have you been playing on TheMcZone:For about 2-3 weeks after the server reset like 3-4 months ago I think.
    6. How many hours a day can you contribute to TheMcZone? Please list every day Monday -> Sunday: Monday:2 Hours, Tuesday:2 hours, Wednesday: 1-2 Hours, Thursday:2 Hours, Friday:1-2 Hours, Saturday:3-7 Hours, Sunday: 2 hours.
    7. Do you have any previous experience with being staff on a server: Yes I have lots, I was helper and all the way up to Admin and once was owner of a server, currently not staff on any server.
    8. Do you have a donator rank: Yes, Rogue.
    9. Why should we choose you as staff over anyone else: Because I'm different from other people I'm very kind and fun to hang out with when you get to know me I'm loyal to the server I'm staff on I'm willing to take lots of time out of my day if needed to help the server I'm staff on I'm a staff that likes to keep things clean and good on the server I'm staff on I'm a kind of person that likes to give people chances depending on what the situation is I'm a kind of person that should be picked over some people because I'm a very hard worker on servers I'm staff on and I always have respect for people!
    10. Any other information you think we should know: I'm very happy that you take the time to read this app! some things about myself are I love sports and I love playing the drums I've been playing sports since I was 3 and drumming for about 2 years now!
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    Your staff application has been read :)

    Your application is good and we're happy that you've taken the time to apply. So, what happens now? This is a general message to say that we are considering you for helper - and hopefully you'll be selected soon.

    We're currently monitoring a few things about you:
    • How active you are
    • What times of the day you play
    • How friendly you are
    • How much you help players
    • How welcoming you are to new players
    • How much we believe you can help the server
    To maximise your chances of getting staff, we recommend you do these things as best as you can.

    Good Luck!
    - Plain

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