SkyBlock Season 9 Release / Changelog

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    Ohhhhh yeahhh! It's that time again, new season, new features. A lot of people have been getting bored of SkyBlock due to the repetitiveness, this season I'm looking to change that. Plus this season we're upping the PayPal rewards by more than double, to a total of $500 PayPal.

    Goals for Season 9
    - Make OG players have fun again
    - Add another dimension of gameplay to SkyBlock
    - Make it so active play is better than AFKing 24/7

    The Season 9 Changelog.

    This is by far one of the biggest updates to TheMcZone SkyBlock yet, it adds an entire new dimension to your gameplay. Fight Orcs and challenging bosses and in return recieve "War Tokens". Use these tokens to enhance your gameplay on your SkyBlock island.

    Explore the three new bosses in the new PVP Arena. These bosses are tough, so you may want to take a team with you...

    +Amon Boss: Beware the withered Amon as your travels may end here, unless you can slay the beast...
    +Saok Boss: Your hear a horde of hissing coming from the volcano. Creeper, Aww man...
    +Osiris Boss: Fallen from E-53, Osiris was banished to the depths of hell. Can you slay him? Before it's too late...

    +War Tokens: Collect war tokens from killing mobs across SkyBlock. You can use these tokens in the token merchant at /warp pvp, or by using /tokenshop. Purchase items such as: fly tokens, legendary keys, and ranks.

    - Mobs on your island (low chance to drop)
    - Orcs in the pvp arena (medium chance)
    - Bosses (100% chance)

    + MCMMO
    MCMMO has been requested for months, if not years now. I'm glad to announce that it's finally here! Of course some things have been altered for SkyBlock so that it isn't OP af.

    Here's the MCMMO changes:
    + Added a 10% chance to get a "TRAP" while fishing
    - Removed mining double ore drops
    - Removed ore bonus when using blast miner
    - Removed mcmmo items when fishing
    - Removed Herbalism - Hylian Luck
    - Removed Excavation lucky items
    - Removed Fishing - Shake ability

    - Disarm max chance 33% -> 5%
    - Daze max chance 50% -> 10%
    - Counter max chance 50% -> 10%

    - Armor impact max damage 20% -> 5%

    +Shop/Eco Changes

    I've made a fair amount of changes to the shop. Here goes:

    Blaze Rod(64) Sell Price $31.25 -> $62.50 per
    Wool Sell Price $20 per 1 -> $20 per 64
    Leather(64) Sell Price: $500 -> $128
    Beef(64) Sell Price: $250 -> $64
    Rotten Flesh(16) Sell Price: $240 -> $80
    Bone(16) Sell Price: $160 -> $80
    Arrow(16) Sell Price: $125 -> $40
    Gunpowder(16) Sell Price: $320 -> $280
    Sugarcane(16) - Sell Price: $250 -> $500
    Netherwart(16) Sell Price: $250 -> $200
    Added Cooked Chicken(16) - Sell Price: $80
    Added Cooked Porkchop(16) - Sell Price: $40
    Removed enderpearls
    Removed Spider Spawner
    Removed Zombie Pigman Spawner
    Added Ghast Spawner $2,500,000
    Farming Minion $2,000 -> $20,000
    Replaced Slayer Minion with Lumberjack Minion
    Ghast tears now sellable with /sell and sell wands
    Cooked Pork now sellable with /sell and sell wands

    +Brand new /warp PVP arena

    Massive shoutout to YVF, the builders, and the helpers for making this arena in record time (only a few days!).

    + Brand new PVP Arena (bigger than the previous)
    + Token shop
    + El Chapo's kill shop
    - Removed fall damage invincibility


    +Island Upgrades

    Island upgrades are here! Upgrade your island size, and increase the chances of better ores found in your cobblestone generator. Access this menu through /is cp

    Island Sizes: 30x30 -> 60x60 -> 100x100 -> 150x150 -> 200x200 -> 250x250

    +Money Pouches:

    Money pouches are a simple feature, and are a replacement for banknotes in some cases. Right click them to recieve a random amount of money depending on their rarity!

    +Envoy Revamp:

    Envoys have been buffed to give better gear. Watch out for the Orcs though!

    Item Changes:
    + Envoy Gear mk2
    + War Tokens
    + 1h Flight Token
    + Rare, Elite, Legendary money pouches
    + Doubled the chance of Elite Keys
    + Doubled the chance of Legendary keys

    - Removed gold / iron blocks
    - Removed normal golden apples
    - Removed dirt
    - Removed iron ingots

    +Crates Revamp:

    Due to popular request, every crate has now been buffed. Have a look in game to see the changes fully. But here's the list in short:

    + Increased chances of money pouches
    + ALL Ranks are now redeemable books, no more messaging plain!
    - Removed most blazes
    - Removed most diamond/emerald blocks
    Plus a lot more, just look in game :)

    +Revamped /is top

    IS Top has received a GUI update, it now shows the top 16 islands. Left click on an island to see how many spawners they have O_O. We've also added island top NPC's in spawn.

    +Player heads drop on death

    This is another feature added by popular request, player heads now have a 5% chance to drop when killed. Good luck :)

    +2 New duel maps

    The builders have blessed up with two exciting new /duel maps. Forest, and SnowGlobe. Take a look:
    +Miscellaneous changes

    + Builders have blue chat now :)
    + Tidied up crate key messages
    + Updated broadcasts with the correct IS Top PayPal winnings ($300, $150, $50)
    + 3x Sell Wand from voting -> 2x Sell Wand
    + Added /ping
    + Added enderpearls to duels kit OP
    + Rearranged scoreboard on the right, and added a ping counter
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