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    TheMcZone SkyBlock Season 6 is upon us!
    Season 5 went very well, there weren't many major bugs through the season and I believe everything went smoothly. However, at the start of last season the economy was off to a bad start due to the implementation of sellwands. This season sellwands won't be as strong at the start of the season to combat this.

    Goals for Season 6
    - Promote more active play
    - Introduce new features to keep this season more exciting
    - Grow the playerbase - the more the merrier
    - There will be a full changelog on release!

    Season 6 Changes:
    - Custom Fishing has been added!. Fish for a variety of prizes including money, crate keys, spawners, and more! (AFK Fishing mods will result in a 7 day ban)

    - Slayer Minions have been added! These little guys will kill all mobs around them in an area - make sure to use them in the early stages of your island to make some quick cash!


    The PvP arena has undergone some changes by our build team! Check them out in /warp -> PvP Arena

    - /shop changes:
    - Infinite Chest Price ($1,000,000) -> ($100,000,000)
    - Iron Golem Spawner($3,500,000) -> ($5,000,000)
    - Creeper Spawner ($750,000) -> ($1,000,000)
    - Cactus sell price has been increased by 20% ($50) -> ($60)
    - Ghast tears added to shop -> $500
    - Flower pots have been added to the shop

    - One of the most hated things last season was that a lot of items in /shop weren't purchasable. Therefore, this season most of the unbuyable items in /shop last season are now buyable again (cobblestone, ores, farming items etc.)
    - You can now transfer XP into xpbottles! (/xpbottle <amount>)
    - Player heads now drop on death! Showcase all the noobs you've killed in /warp pvp
    - You can now toggle / change the colour of your island borders (Not yet fully implemented - should come very soon)
    - The OP Kit in duels has been nerfed slightly to lower the time it took to kill someone (5+ minutes was not fun). You now start with 8 gapples instead of 16, and with a sharpness 4 sword.
    - Use /forums, or /website to get a link to the site

    Have a feature idea? We still need suggestions to make the server better! Check us out on discord and leave a comment in #suggestions
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