SkyBlock Season 2 Release!

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    TheMcZone Season 2 is here! This season is going to be our best ever. We're working on a lot of ideas to make the server less of a grind. We found with last season towards the end it was a battle of who could AFK the most IG's for the longest.

    This season we're looking to focus a lot more on actual gameplay elements - including more PvP, PvE, and events.

    Current Changes:
    - No Custom Enchants
    - Raised spawner prices
    - Increased spawn rates for farms (5x growth speed
    - Added IS level blocks (1k, 10k, 100k, and 1mil)

    - 1k Levels - $281,250
    - 10k Levels - $2,812,500
    - 100k Levels - $28,125,000
    - 1Mil Levels - $281,250,000

    Upcoming Changes:
    - Changes to farm and mob drop prices
    - A variety of events:

    - Weekly Build Events. Earn store credit and in-game rewards
    - Weekly "Super-Envoys". Bring your best gear and PvP for top tier loot!
    - Other events, parkour, spleef etc.
    - PvE events / boss events (more info released soon)
    - Crop hoppers
    - Chunk loaders
    - Spawner stacking
    - Item stacking
    - Fixes to hoppers

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    Thankfully custom enchants have been removed. It was always the same people one shorting everyone else.
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