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    1) Minecraft username:proHero4Gaming 2) Discord username:zProIsHere_ 3) Timezone / Country: Egypt 4) Age:12 5) What languages do you know:English . arabic 6) How active can you be on TheMcZone (please list the times you can be on every day) Monday:yes Tuesday:yes Wednesday:yes Thursday:yes Friday:yes Saturday:yes Sunday:yes 7) What's your current playtime on the server? (Use /playtime get <username> to find out) You must have at least 5 hours playtime to apply:9 hours and 27 minute 8) Do you have any previous experience? If so, list it here:yes i was Admin at a server previously 9) Why should be choose you over someone else? i dont know but i want to be a helper because i like the server and i want to help 10) Anything else we should know yes u should know that i love u and ur server [​IMG] and i can be online 24 hr xD

    xD edit:Africa/Cairo i didnt understand what is Timezone xD Sorry <3
    edit:When u write me saturday and Sunday and monday etc i write yes . yes means 24 hr
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