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    Jan 11, 2020
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    1) Minecraft username: TechnoBoat
    2) Discord username: Titaninerd#1926
    3) Timezone / Country: Western European Standard Time/Portugal.
    4) Age: 18
    5) Languages I know: Portuguese; English; Spanish(I still suck at spanish).
    6) How active i can be on McZone
    Monday: 11-12AM and 6-7PM
    Tuesday: 11-12AM and 6-7PM
    Wednesday: 6-7PM
    Thursday: 11-12AM and 6-7PM
    Friday: 6-7PM
    Saturday: 11-12AM and 5-7PM
    Sunday: 11-12AM and 5-7PM
    7) My playtime:0 days, 7 hours and 53 minutes. It might change a bit after i made this.
    8) Past Experience:I do, Once on my friend's server (he deleted it) and mod on a server slightly bigger than this one.
    9) Why should be choose you over someone else? Because I would be very active, and a good Helper.
    10) Anything else we should know:Im good at building if you want to hire me for that.

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