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    Hey all, I've done a few updates / changes / bug fixes over the last week. If you haven't seen #change-log in discord - here's everything I've done.

    New features:
    - Added minions!
    The first type of minion is "Miner Minion" - this minion will automatically mine the block in front of it, making it perfect for cobblestone generators. New players be sure to use this to your advantage before you get your mob farms setup!


    Take note, Miner minions can be leveled up to increase their productivity!

    - Added cobwebs to shop
    - Added gravel to /shop (Building -> Page 2)
    - Netherward is now sellable with /sell hand, /sell inventory, and sell wands
    - Nether star price $10,000 -> $100,000
    - Updated staff island at spawn
    - Made mushrooms sellable with /sell hand, /sell inventory, and sell wands

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed a crash exploit
    - Fixed empty buckets in shop
    - Fixed barrier blocks on spawn
    - Fixed parkour text in /warp
    - Fixed Black Glass and Red Glass in /shop
    - Fixed buying + placing multiple lava/water buckets
    - Stopped people being able to get on top of the spawn box in /warp pvp
    - Fixed autoblocking with quartz not giving the right amount
    - You shouldn't be able to rename keys any longer
    - Fixed being able to fly with petblocks in PvP
    - Fixed being able to do /repair in combat
    - Fixed a bunch of bugs with autopickup, autosmelt, and autocraft
    - Fixed invite reward not working
    - Fixed Legendary crate 2x blaze spawner - it is now correctly titled as Iron Golem spawner
    - Fixed minions mining lava and water blocks
    - Falling off spawn will always TP you back now (I still have to fix the old spawn point)

    - Disabled /ec + /enderchest in combat
    - Disabled /duel + /duel accept in combat
    - Disabled /petblock in PvP
    - You can no longer /ah sell items in pvp
    - Got rid of slimeball farmer challenge + you can now complete the gravel challenge
    - Delete pot duels - I honestly have no idea why pots didn't work
    - Made it so people can't /cut spawners
    - Made it so people can't /set spawners
    - Removed god apples from legendary chest
    - Removed emerald blocks from legendary chest(edited)
    - Removed sell wands from legendary chest

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