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    1. Your in game name: DD_Doomsday
    2. Discord username Doomfusionsc2
    3. Age (any age is fine): 10
    4. Timezone / Country: New mexico
    5. How long have you been playing on TheMcZone: 2-3 weeks
    6. How many hours a day can you contribute to TheMcZone? Please list every day Monday -> Sunday: If I become mod I will be free just about any day.
    7. Do you have any previous experience with being staff on a server: No, but on other servers I am polite and help people.
    8. Do you have a donator rank: Vip
    9. Why should we choose you as staff over anyone else: Because I have seen plenty of mods, I know the rules of the server and how to behave, I have never been muted or banned, and I will help the server.
    10. Any other information you think we should know: I think this server has potential to be as big as any other, it is an overall great server and I just want to help make it better.
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    Your staff application has been read :)

    Your application is good and we're happy that you've taken the time to apply. So, what happens now? This is a general message to say that we are considering you for helper - and hopefully you'll be selected soon.

    We're currently monitoring a few things about you:
    • How active you are
    • What times of the day you play
    • How friendly you are
    • How much you help players
    • How welcoming you are to new players
    • How much we believe you can help the server
    To maximise your chances of getting staff, we recommend you do these things as best as you can.

    Good Luck!
    - Plain

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