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    Hey, my name is Jacob I'm 20 years old, yes I still play Minecraft it is what I enjoy doing so I continue to do it.
    Few things about me I'm currently In flight school to become a Helicopter pilot a year ago I would have never thought of doing this what so ever I actually thought this wasn't something just anyone could do but because someone I know did it that immediately made me think I could do it too so that is exactly what I'm doing I guess what I'm trying to say out of all this is that do whatever you want that makes you happy and that you enjoy no matter what people tell you can or can't do. It sucks that for me to think I could do something I had to have someone else do it before I could believe that I could do it myself so I just hope that others can do whatever they aspire to be even if it's something no one has ever done before. This turned into a speech more than just introducing myself but I hope you take something from it.
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    Welcome to The Mc Zone! It's great to hear that you went out of your way to do something that you aspired to be. Keep on doing what you're doing.

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