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    1) Minecraft username: Dover_

    2) Discord username: Dover#3766

    3) Timezone / Country: (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada) / Canada

    4) Age: 18

    5) What languages do you know: English

    6) How active can you be on TheMcZone (please list the times you can be on every day):

    Monday: 12pm-12am

    Tuesday: 12pm-12am

    Wednesday: 12pm-12am

    Thursday: 12pm-12am

    Friday: 12pm-12am (depending on work)

    Saturday: 12pm-12am (depending on work)

    Sunday: 12pm-12am (depending on work)

    *Note* - these times may be subject to change due to semester changes and such.

    7) What's your current playtime on the server? (Use /playtime get <username> to find out) You must have at least 5 hours playtime to apply: 5 days 17 hours and 54 minutes.

    8) Do you have any previous experience? If so, list it here: I have numerous experiences as a Staff Member on different servers.


    Snowballpvp was a server where I started my career of moderating and I learned most of the commands and plugins as a co-owner. I expanded my knowledge on this server with moderating because I had the chance to learn each staff position and each basic command for the position. The server was shut down due to financial issues and was never up again.


    Another server was Radioactive and on this server I was admin, but then got promoted to Manager because of my dedication and hard work towards the server. I learned a lot on this server including on how to engage a situation with a player that was being disrespectful to a staff member and players that were hacking. I found out how to warn, mute, ban, and watch a player who is accused of hacking. With having the position of Manager, I learned so much on what goes on behind the server. Being a Manager was difficult at first, but then I got a grasp of it and knew everything about being a Manager. Some servers have different Managers for different areas such as: Staff-Manger, Event-Manager, and just an overall Manager, which is what I was. I Managed the server, Staff, and Events that took place. Manager was most definitely my favourite position. However, the server eventually died off and it was shut down.


    The last server was SkyMetro which was a 1000 player server, with a bunch of YouTubers and on this server I was Helper then promoted to Moderator. I got the chance to get involved with the community and the forums which was why I got accepted. Also I learned that being a Moderator can be tough sometimes and you can make some minor mistakes, but that's what makes you a better Moderator. I was demoted from this server because of my affiliation with another Staff Member who abused, but I did not abuse it was only because I lived near the Staff Member. I was then granted my position back but never got the chance to play again. The server then merged to become TheArchon and I was asked if I wanted to be apart of the Staff Team again but I felt like I needed some time for myself because I was not feeling Minecraft anymore.

    9) Why should be choose you over someone else?:

    There are numerous reasons on why you should choose me to become a Staff Member.

    First of all, as I am on daily and I have got to witness how and what you do to become a good Staff Member. This has been a great journey so far and I have learned a lot from moderating servers and how they handle situations. Everyday they come across a new problem and have to work together in solving that problem, which is why I feel like I would be a great fit to the team.

    Another reason would be that, I feel like I would be that one Staff Member who is on when there are not many Staff Members on because I like to stay up late. So I would feel the need to always help players that ask for assistance and I am very good in what I do, as of past experiences in which I was Staff. Since I try to always answer all players questions, many players have noticed that they can rely on me to answer most of their questions. As a new Staff Member on a great server, I feel like I would have a great shot on becoming an overall awesome Staff Member on this server. I have learned a lot from other moderators and I plan on keeping the community a friendly place where players can ask questions without being judged. Also when I was Staff, players always tend to comment on how good of a job I was doing.

    Lastly, a Staff Position should not be abused and every player who gets Staff should take it seriously in which I will. It is just another title but I feel like players would trust me more in what I am explaining to them and be aware that I am there to help them. Since I was Moderator before on a decent sized server I got the chance to know everything that happens behind the scenes of being a Staff Member; how to handle certain situations, what circumstances counts as a punishment, and last of all how to deal with toxic players.


    I am very familiar with cheaters and hacked clients as I have had numerous experiences on SkyMetro as a Moderator, with catching them and recording in order to provide the right punishment and proof of their guilty action. I also have lots of experience with screen sharing and recording as it was part of my job as a Staff Member on SkyMetro.

    *Basics Of Island Top*

    I feel like this is very important to know as a Staff Member.

    To be able to gain Island Top some requirements need to be brought to the table. You will need to grind at the start in order to get money which then gives you spawners or robots. Robots are a good investment at the start because of what they can do. As you get richer, spawners would be the way to go. The more ore blocks and spawners you get the better island level you will get. Island levels can be obtained with blocks such as diamond, emerald, gold, etc, spawners, and ocean blocks. Players can calculate their island level by doing /is level. However if a player wants to see what blocks and spawners gives you the most island level, they can use the command /is value.

    *Skyblock Experience*

    On a scale from 1 to 10 on my knowledge on Skyblock and what my skills/strengths are on Skyblock.

    I am roughly ranging around an 8 on my knowledge in skyblock. Of course I can't know everything, but I will as a player try to enhance my knowledge on what I don't already know to be able to bring my 8 to possibly a 10.

    Island Builder is probably my best skill in skyblock. I enjoy taking the time to build very creative buildings that most players love to visit. I always try my best to make my island the "best looking" island on the server. I also like to add a lot of different colours and features to my buildings which make them look cool. Another skill that I have is being a community player. I enjoy answering questions that players have if other staff members are busy and I just like having conversation with other Skyblock players. I try to give players who are just starting tips as well because I know how it feels to start off with nothing and ask numerous times what is good and what is bad.

    10) Anything else we should know:

    I am a very helpful person when it comes to new players or even old players asking questions and I try to give them my best response. I have a part time job in which my schedule could fluctuate anytime and I am currently in my first year of university. I am a very active person and have been on numerous winning teams that have taught me that team building is priority to success in which I would like to bring to the staff team. All humans make mistakes and sometimes I make mistakes, but I learn from those mistakes, move on and try my best not to repeat the same mistake. I am extremely active on the server and many players see that. Also they tend to always ask me for the best input because of my time and dedication towards playing Skyblock and the server itself. I'm 18, and mature for my age. I nearly never get angry with anyone, and instead deal with any situation, how it should be dealt with as a Staff Member. I like to be very playful and have a positive attitude, which in my experience, that attitude creates an environment in which people are more willing to cooperate and strive to enjoy themselves. I tend to come across as a helping and caring guy, and that's because I honestly do wish the best for everyone and hope to aid them in all areas. I'm good at giving players the right warnings and verbal warnings are a must in some light cases, but I always retain a polite attitude, even when the situation remains unchanged after a warning. I'm very creative and love to spend extra time keeping everything neat and organized. I'm a very active player and will not miss a day of being on. As a potential Staff Member, I would focus on maintaining the peace, assisting players in making their experience on the server a great one, and keeping everyone active and entertained. I dislike seeing players complain in chat about being bored or grinding, and that's easily fixable by conversing with them or suggesting a new idea. A friendly reminder of the rules goes a long way before any situation becomes too big of a deal, and caring for everyone involved, newbie or veteran. I will recommended the server to lots of people and friends. Also I love the server and I can learn a lot from it, in which I can help share the rules and changes in the server community. I will enhance my knowledge on the rules of the server and the people in the community as well. I currently try my hardest to help people out and answer any questions. I will do my best to look at new and different things on forums and try to go on everyday.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my application.

    ~Dover_ <3
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