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  1. Lil_Friars

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    Feb 13, 2020
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    Hello, I will want to apply for staff. Look bellow for the infomation about me.

    1) Minecraft username: (Lil_Friars)
    2) Discord username: (INeedHelp!#0472)
    3) Timezone / Country (Australia) Timezone
    (Australian Central Daylight Time)
    4) Age: 14
    5) What languages do you know: English, Greek, Italian. Not fluent though
    6) How active can you be on TheMcZone (please list the times you can be on every day) Well I can play normally on Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saterday, Sunday. Those days I can play 100% But i can still play on the other days but not as much.
    7) What's your current playtime on the server? (Use /playtime get <username> to find out) You must have at least 5 hours playtime to apply: Well Right now I am grinding 5h time so i can apply so in a while I will hit 5h time.
    8) Do you have any previous experience? If so, list it here: Well I run a server of my own with builders and stuff so I say I do have experience with helping servers.
    9) Why should be choose you over someone else? Okay so...
    1. I am active
    2. I am responsible
    3. I won't abuse my rank
    4. I will help people out if they are in touble
    5. I am trustworthy
    6. And I respect one another as I will respect my self.

    10) Anything else we should know: To be honest all I really want you guys to know is I run a great Kit pvp server and I am really good at building and I am down for any job I get sent from the owner. If i recive op or owner rank I will still respect everyone and Ill make friends with the staff team and such. Well I hope I get chosen for staff mod co-owner anything... Also I have a Youtube channel and I will upload stuff on it!

    Thank you for you're time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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