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    Nov 5, 2019
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    My username on Minecraft is - sausagebuttyface
    My discord username is - Lit_Potato #4815
    I live in the UK so the GMT timezone
    I am currently 16 years old
    I am fluent in English (as i was born here :) )
    Monday: anytime
    Tuesday: anytime
    Wednesday: anytime
    Thursday: anytime
    Friday: sometimes
    Saturday: rarely
    Sunday: from 1PM
    I have a current playtime of - 2Days and 8Hours
    No, i do not have any past experience i'm hoping this will be my first opportunity to be a great help and improvement of a friendly server
    I am a fair and pleasant person who can abide as well as enforce the rules, i am on fairly often and sometimes up to 5 or 6 hours a day (unless i am afk next to my Iron Golem farm. that doesnt count). i am also a great team player to assist any other members of staff if so a situation goes down.

    i was previously banned but the claim was false and plain corrected the error and swiftly unbanned me and nothing has happened since the incident. :)

    Hope you like my application it will be a excellent experience for me and i hope to be working aside my fellow brethren who reads this thread Thank you ~ sausagebuttyface.
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    Stick to the format (I am unable to tell if you did)

    Edit, Not locked, not denied.

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