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    1. Your in-game name: Tofu_Senpai
    2. Discord username: Superlazy#6855
    3. Age (any age is fine): 13
    4. Timezone / Country: America
    5. How long have you been playing on TheMcZone: 3 or 4 months
    6. How many hours a day can you contribute to TheMcZone? Please list every day Monday-2 hours, Tuesday-2 hours, Wednesday-2 hours, Thursday-2 hours, Friday-2 hours, Saturday-3 hours, Sunday-1 hour
    7. Do you have any previous experience with being staff on a server: Yes I have experience as staff on a few other servers
    8. Do you have a donator rank: Yes I have barbarian rank
    9. Would you consider supporting TheMcZone by donating in the future: Of course
    10. Why should we choose you as staff over anyone else: Well, I think you should choose me because I do enjoy playing TheMcZone and I know I will be committed and am willing to help the server in any way possible aiming to improve the quality of gameplay for all the players of TheMcZone
    11. Any other information you think we should know: I applied about 2 months ago and was online every day but, I started playing on other servers and other games as well. I began to slowly stop playing, but now I'm back more motivated than ever!

    I really hope you consider me as a possible staff member on the server.

    OwO UwU >w< UwO
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