We're proud to announce two new helpers to TheMcZone. We're eager to expand our team and are looking forward to large growth this season.

The two new helpers are:
- [Helper] YuiriChan
- [Helper] StayMintyHD

If you didn't get helper this time around, do not worry! We will be looking again for helpers very soon so stay active and make sure that your staff application is updated.

TheMcZone Season 2 is here! This season is going to be our best ever. We're working on a lot of ideas to make the server less of a grind. We found with last season towards the end it was a battle of who could AFK the most IG's for the longest.

This season we're looking to focus a lot more on actual gameplay elements - including more PvP, PvE, and events.

Current Changes:
- No Custom Enchants
- Raised spawner prices
- Increased spawn rates for farms (5x growth speed
- Added IS level blocks (1k, 10k, 100k, and 1mil)

- 1k Levels - $281,250
- 10k Levels - $2,812,500
- 100k Levels - $28,125,000
- 1Mil Levels - $281,250,000

Upcoming Changes:
- Changes to farm and mob drop prices
- A variety of events:

- Weekly Build Events. Earn store credit and in-game rewards
- Weekly "Super-Envoys". Bring your best gear and PvP for top tier loot!
- Other events, parkour, spleef etc.
- PvE events / boss events (more info released soon)
- Crop hoppers
- Chunk loaders
- Spawner stacking
- Item stacking
- Fixes to hoppers

Hey All,

Welcome to TheMcZone! We are a newly opened server (9th Dec 2018) which is striving to become the best server network experience. Right now we are currently a SkyBlock only server, however we do have other gamemodes ready when we feel we have enough players.

Potential Future Gamemodes:
- Prison
- KitPvP
- Factions
- Creative

We currently have $500 in IRL PayPal money to be won! Win this money by becoming a top 3 island.

Top island: $300 PayPal
Second island: $150 PayPal
Third island: $50 PayPal

We hope to see you online, good luck!